4 Ways to Track the Rightful Owner of a Lost iPhone

If You’ve found a lost iPhone and you want to return the phone to the owner. it’s not an easy task to return a lost iPhone to its owner if you have no idea who the owner then read this article.. We are share some tricks with you maybe this trick help you to return this phone to the owner…

4 Ways to Track the Rightful Owner of a Lost iPhone


If you can try to find the right owner of an iPhone .then iPhone itself help you finding the real Owner of an iPhone  without needing Passcode|

There we are discuss 4-5 ways that iPhone itself can point to who the real and rightful owner maybe. This process   don’t require you to unlock the iPhone or not required the passcode or Touch ID .. Here Below some methods to finding the Right owner of iPhone.

Use Information Provided by iCloud

The Owner  who lost their iPhone then he has realized that by the time you find it., they may have try to sent out signals to the iPhone through iCloud or put the iPhone into Lost Mode. Lost Mode  he has leaves a message on screen indicating that the iPhone is lost. Optionally, the owner could leave a message with contact information for you to use to get in touch easy.

All you have to see if the iPhone is in Lost Mode is turn it on and take a look at the lock screen. If you don’t see a message, Then Check our Seconds Methods.


2. Use the iPhone’s Medical ID

Apple has instated medical health app in every iPhone, If your IOS is version 8 or later then you can find this health app on your IPhones. This featured called Medical ID. Medical ID lets you fill the personal and the private information about yourself like medical conditions and emergency contacts. Emergency contacts when someone can access directly from your Phone is an emergency condition.

You can Check to see if the Owner has filled their Medical ID by a very Easy Process just swiping right to revel the passcode screen on the iPhone. At the left button you will found emergency services then click on emergency services at the button left you will the Medical ID if the Owner I has Previously  filled. Then Tap to Open their medical ID. Use of the emergency contacts  


3. Use the IMEI Number to Contact the Carrier


Every iPhone in the world comes with a unique IMEI number. The IMEI carries information about the device as well as the carrier. This method is useful if you can’t turn on the iPhone.

If you don’t have access to the lost iPhone’s Settings menu, you can also find the IMEI number right on the hardware. On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, You can found the IMEI number on SIM card tray, Every iPhone IMEI Model number you will found on the Hardware and the IPhones Settings Menu.

Then If you have find the IMEI, you can use the IMEI number to find the right owner to lookup check website like imei.info to find the carrier. Then, you easily find the carrier name then you can   call local carrier store to reporting that you have the IMEI for a lost iPhone. A call representative there should help you to find the right owner of the lost iPhone, Then find the owner and handle the situation from there. (You might have to go  iPhone store for know the information about lost iPhone Owner.)

Turn in to the Police

When all methods  fails, then just go to the local police Station and turn the lost iPhone into the police.

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